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About Mike

Bestselling author, international speaker, thought leader in the world of data, analytics and AI

Mike has worked with organisations across a range of industries, his talks help leaders understand how they can generate real business value with data, AI and its family of technologies. 

His research on the interplay between data and behavioural economics got him recognition as one of the UK's Top Digital Masters. He has won several awards and is a regular on the list of the most influential people in data.  Mike is the author of the bestselling book, “Cracking the Data Code”, and it has been used as a blueprint on data for many businesses.

He is passionate about using data and AI for good and is working on AI projects to address abuse, prejudice and child school exclusions.  His team at JustGiving.com built a suite of algorithms that generated millions for charity and resulted in the eventual sale of JustGiving.com for over $100million in 2017.

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Cracking the Data Code 

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Recent Events

Mike is a sought-after international speaker with keynotes delivered to audiences ranging from major international conferences to global Ivy League educational institutions.   His talks are aimed at senior leaders who are interested in learning how to survive and thrive in an AI driven future. 


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