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Ai for Execs

Success from Ai is no longer a technical challenge.  It is a business leadership one. 


Get the exact blueprint that we used to tranform our company into an Ai driven company that we sold for over $100m

Why you need to do this

The number one predictor of whether a company will successfully implement an Ai strategy, is whether or not the  executives understand Ai.  After all it is hard to strategize about technology that you cannot understand. 


Ai is generally very complex, technical and in accessible.  You will only pick the same opportunities that everyone else is thinking about, miss the opportunity to use AI to truly differentiate your organisation and most of all continue to struggle to get the best from your data scientist and Ai team.  

Dont get overtaken by the competition.  Register your interest and we will send you details of the next course.

28th November 2019

Bishopsgate | London

Only 12 Spaces 


Product managers need to look at Ai from multiple perspectives, six perspectives to be exact.  This course will take you through the six keys required to succeed.

1. Demystifying Ai - Ai is unnecessarily complicated but essential to understand. We begin by demystifying what Ai is, what it can do, how it works.


2. Developing Ai - Thedevelopment of Ai is different to general software. more experimental than predictable. Understanding this process will help manage your expectations.

3. Discovering Ai - Often the Ai use-cases that come to mind are the ones that everyone is talking about, this is not useful for you. We will show you how to unearth that unique game-changing use-case.

4. Designing Ai - Now you need to design your Ai game plan. You need to understand the team to hire for, the opportunties and their corresponding value, the approach that your organisation will take to be successful.

5. Delivering Ai - Your team have developed the algorithms, but now You need to understand the final and most important key to getting Ai to really work and for it to be used. You need to understand the interplay between Ai and behavioural economics.

AI gives us the best of machines, but it never works well without a layer of behavioural economics.


The course literally goes through the 5 keys of delivering Ai products successfully. 


By taking this course, you will be in a position to not only find that game changing Ai feature or opportunity for your product, you will be able to work with the data science team that you hire; here or abroad.  No-one can pull the wool over your eyes and you will actually be able to ship new features. 


Then facts are that in 4-years’ time 96% consumer interactions will go through some form of AI.  This isn't some futuristic prediction...it is LITERALLY right around the corner... Your competition understands this...if you don't, they will surpass you...! 

You do not need two or three days to get ready, this course will ensure that you are armed and fully prepared in one day, otherwise we have really over complicated the whole world of Ai.  Book your space and don't let you or your product get left behind. 

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