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Taught by award-winning team, our classes will help you understand what Ai can do for you, how to find that use for Ai that your competitor isn't thinking about and how to design your business focussed Ai strategy.

A poor business understanding of Ai will harm your career and the future of your company.

You can't devise a future proof strategy

A product, business or departmental strategy without Ai is not a future proofed strategy.  How can you devise an Ai strategy without understanding Ai?

Your company will be left behind

All of the evidence shows that companies that have succesfully implemented Ai are dominating those that have not invested in Ai (by a significant margin).

You will be replaced

All of the top executives, founders and product managers have a business level understanding of Ai.  Companies are now looking for executives in your position that understand Ai.

" We have educated dozens of executives from the worlds top companies and the message is very clear.  Ai is not a technological opportunity, it is a business one."


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Our executive courses will take you through the five Ai keys that you need to understand to generate true value from Ai.

Demystifying Ai - We begin by demystifying what Ai is, seperating the hype from the reality, understanding how it works, what it can and cannot do.


Developing Ai - The development of Ai is different to general software, it is more experimental than predictable. Understanding this process will help manage your expectations, and clarify the role that you play as an executive.

Discovering Ai - Often the Ai use-cases that come to mind are the ones that everyone is talking about, this is not useful for you. We will show you how to unearth that unique game-changing use-case.

Designing Ai - Now you need to design your Ai game plan. You need to understand the team to hire for, the value of the opportunties that you have identified and the approach that your organisation will take to be successful.

Delivering Ai - The final and most important key to getting Ai to really work is to understand the interplay between Ai, behavioural economics, trust and ethics.

Technology is getting smarter, faster.  The question is, are you?

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